Your kindness changes lives. When you choose to move your excess inventory to one of our nonprofit partners, you can be sure that it will reach those who need it most.

reKind stands in the gap as an intermediary resource for companies with excess inventory and nonprofit groups that can put that inventory to great use. We partner with both for-profit companies and qualified 501(c)3 nonprofit groups.

For over two decades, we’ve maintained our commitment to stay connected with our partners, building strong personal relationships that allow us to understand, anticipate, and meet needs with products, services, and availability.

We have the experience. Let us take the guesswork out of the excess inventory process.

Customer Testimonials

"When we told the pregnant ladies that the vitamins come from the States, and that they should be thankful, a...


"Jules enters our clinic for the first time when she is six months pregnant. She is anemic, and struggles with...


"… I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your donations (e)specially for the donation of a walker...

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"Thanks so much. I really appreciate the extra effort!"

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Our Support Team

Beza Yosef

Beza Yosef

Inventory Manager
Dustin Whitfield

Dustin Whitfield

Director of Warehouse and Logistics