Give us a call! Nonprofit and corporate partners can contact us by phone, fax, email or by submitting an online form.


reKind matches excess inventory from corporations with the right nonprofit home.


reKind makes the freight arrangements to have excess inventory picked up from corporate partners. In a rush? We can schedule pickups in as little as 72 hours.


Our team guarantees quality. When excess inventory arrives at our warehouse, our team of sorting professionals check the quality, sort, count, and repackage the products into useful case quantities.


After being delivered to the nonprofit partner’s project site, excess inventory is immediately distributed and put to great use.


reKind can provide a detailed report that includes the recipient nonprofit partner’s name, address, and tax identification number as well as any additional forms and paperwork needed for corporate partners’ records.


We make it easy for you to give. We’ll pick up your excess inventory at our expense, opening up your valuable warehouse space in as little as 72 hours, if need be. Just use the Excess Inventory Form, call us at 1-800-460-5355, or email us at info@rekind.co to let us know about your excess inventory and schedule a convenient time for pickup.

We have a highly skilled and specialized sorting team that quality checks excess inventory before organizing and repackaging the products into usable case quantities. This way, our nonprofit partners are not left with the burden of disposing of unwanted items that may be included with the products they actually need. Thanks to our sorting team, nonprofits can rest assured that they will receive exactly what they’re expecting.

Need something in particular for your nonprofit programs? Let us hunt it down for you. Simply mention it to your account manager, and we’ll be happy to reach out to our corporate partners on your behalf to help you collect the products you need.

From distribution reports to stories from the field to pictures of products being received to IRS Form 8283 — at reKind, we are ready to provide the feedback you want and need. As an intermediary agency, we not only help get corporate gifts to the right charitable programs, but we can also help you get the documentation you need for accurate reporting. We want you to know about the difference you’ve made.


Pleasure Dealing With Your Company

"It is a pleasure dealing with you and your organization... thank you for your cooperation and assistance."

Textiles Industry Executive
This Will Help Improve My Life

"… I want to take this opportunity to thank you for your donations (e)specially for the donation of a walker to me(.) This will help me to improve my life since I had fallen because of my osteoporosis, arthritis, and…read more

Easy, Prompt, And Helpful Service

"I was so pleased from start to finish with your service, you made it all so easy for me…You were prompt and helpful every time I called/emailed with a question…I would highly recommend your company to anyone who asked."

Nonprofit coordinator in Illinois
A Chorus Of “Thank You”s

"When we told the pregnant ladies that the vitamins come from the States, and that they should be thankful, a chorus of "thank-yous" was heard immediately."

Report from Centre De Sante La Mission Evang. Du M.C.P.H. Gospel to Haiti Mission
Essential Vitamins For Women In Nicaragua

"The ladies were all at the clinic for prenatal checkups and live in the hills of central Nicaragua.  They would be unable to afford good prenatal vitamins.  Most of them walk muddy trails to come to the clinic and their…read more

Appreciate The Extra Effort Of ReKind

"Thanks so much. I really appreciate the extra effort!"

Corporate distribution coordinator
Thousands Of Families And Orphans Have Received Help

"Thank you so much for all you have done to make this work possible.  There are many thousands of less fortunate families and orphans that have received help because of the amazing work that you have done in procurement and…read more

Nonprofit program administrator, Texas
Happy We Could Assist Other Less Fortunate People

"I’m so happy that we could assist people who are less fortunate in (other) countries."

Corporate Customer Service Specialist, NJ